May 2022:
You will be now have seen our flash new website on abiliquip.com , and this previous one has been moved to the NZ domain.
This allows people to still use this if you cannot find items on the new one. The new site has less detail in some areas, but is more suited to mobile phone users.

Abiliquip manufactures, installs and services mobility products which improve disabled driver mobility, driving comfort and personal independence.

Vehicle Modifications
Within New Zealand we also carry out vehicle disability modifications to suit specific people, including hand controls, left foot accelerators, steering adaptations including these advanced systems, gear changers or any other mobility adaptations.

Electric Boot Openers
Where people find the raising and lowering of the boot lid of their wagon or SUV difficult, we can fit an electric boot opener. This is controlled by a wireless remote, allowing the boot to be opened as you approach the vehicle. For people in a wheelchair, on crutches, or a little weak this is a major bonus, as reaching the height of an open boot and lowering it can be a challenge.

The Abiloader is an automated wheelchair loader manufactured by us here in Christchurch, it has some unique benefits that are unmatched by any other products. We market these both here and in various international markets. Patents for the unique characteristics have been secured for some countries and are pending in others.

To learn more go to this document about the types of lifts and how the Abiloader is unique

These units

  • are by a big margin the most convenient of all wheelchair loaders: just flick a switch
  • leave your car's external appearance unchanged
  • can handle fixed-frame or folding wheelchairs (vehicle must suit)
  • fit in a wide range of vehicles, including some quite small ones
  • come in LHD and RHD versions

Please fill out this wheelchair measurement sheet and check the vehicle suitability page for more, or contact us directly

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We have dealers in various international locations, please contact us to find where

We represent in New Zealand, offering sales and installation, servicing and support for many international partners, including:

Seating,driving and access Drive by wire zero-effort controls